I have a couple of Jap Saturn games i want rid of......

1. Galaxy Fraulein Yuna Remix (Special Package) RARE! Game by 'Hudson Soft' 1996
This game comes in a A-4 (roughly) sized plastic holder with the spine card at the bottom. Inside it holds the game in standard jewel case with reg card and a Bomberman multi-top promo. Also a 1997 calendar in card form in it's own plastic case. Everything is in nice-mint condition and ideal for a collector. Pics are available and can be emailed on request.
Will ship to all countries. Looking for around 20-25 but am open to offers.
Honest shipping costs,i won't over charge.

2. Harukaze V-Force (Special Package) Game by 'Ving' 1997
This game comes in a cardboard box which contains the 3 discs in a standard multi-disc case and manual (no inserts,never was) Also conatins a VHS tape which is mint and unused. The games discs are all ok,just some very slight scratches. The cardboard box is intact,little bit of the usual cardboard wear in the corners. Again,pictures are available on request. As above will ship to all destinations,fair shipping costs apply.
I'm looking for around 15-20 for this one,but will accept offers.

Both games are sold as fully tested and working 100%...that's a promise. Checkout ebay username (segagirl35) that's me! 100% positive.

If interested PM me and i'll get photos out to you.