Alright. I hate to part with this, but I have my entire VIC-20 system up for grabs. Included is the following:

VIC-20 itself, with the keyboard cover
C2N Cassette Deck with C2N Operating instrutions
Slik Stick joystick
2 paddle sticks
All connection cables
Programming Manuals: "Introduction to Basic part 1" and "Introduction to BASIC part 2"
Accompanying cassette tapes for "Introduction to Basic Part 1" and "introduction to BASIC part II" (4 tapes total)
Programmer's Reference Guide
VIC-20 Computer Guide
Programmer's Aid Cartridge and Instruction Guide
4 more Cassette Tapes with various games including Snakman by Microdigital
Cartridge games, which all have the associated instructions including:
Sargon II Chess
Turtle Graphics
Jungle Hunt
Donkey Kong
Ms. Pac-Man
Pole Position
Omega Race
Super Smash
Voodoo Castle
Cosmic Cruncher.

Everything works and is in collector condition. Take a look at the pretty pics"

That's it. E-mail or PM an offer.