Hi, I'm just trying to put together a nice boxed collection of NES games I had when I was growing up. I'm in Canada. I've got great feedback here, as well as at several other sites under the same username (shmups & CAG). I'll expect you to ship first if you're feedback is low or non-existant. Otherwise I'll pay, and then you ship.

Note: I'm not all that interested in manuals, but would like them if you've got them. I'm mostly after the boxes (with styrofoam insert & dust sleeve if at all possible), and would like the boxes to be in fairly good shape. I will buy box and cart versions though (or complete copies), if you're not wanting to just sell the box.

Here's the list: (B = box & styrofoam & dust sleeve, M = manual, C = cart)

Castlevania (B, M)
Castlevania II (B, M)
Castlevania III (B, M)
Contra (B, M)
Super C (B, M, C)
Deja Vu (B, M)
Double Dragon (B, M)
Double Dragon II (B)
Double Dragon III (B, M, C)
Duck Tales (B, M)
Excitebike (B, M)
Final Fantasy (B, M)
Friday the 13th (B, M)
G.I. Joe (B, M)
Gun Nac (B, M)
Immortal (M)
Kickle Cubicle (B, M, C)
Kid Icarus (B, M, C)
Kung Fu (B, M)
M.C. Kids (B, M)
Maniac Mansion (B, M)
Mega Man 2 (B, M, C)
Metal Gear (B, M)
Mike Tyson's Punch-Out (B, M)
Ninja Gaiden (B, M)
Ninja Gaiden II (B)
Ninja Gaiden III (B, M, C)
River City Ransom (B, M, C)
Rygar (B, M)
Shadowgate (B, M)
Simpsons Bart vs Space Mutants (B, M)
Snakes Revenge (B, M)
Star Tropics (B, M)
Super Mario Bros. (B, M, C)
Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt (B, M)
TMNT II: The Arcade Game (B, M)
Tiger Heli (B, M)
Track & Field (B, M)
Track & Field II (B, M, C)
Uninvited (B, M, C)
Willow (B, M)
Zanac (B, M, C)
Zelda 2 (B, M)
Zoda's Revenge (B, M, C)

So if you've got a few or a bunch of the above that you're willing to part with, name a price and we'll talk. Thanks!