As you can see it is only half as massive as a traditional 64 controller.
Yet it fits wonderfully even into full sized hands and is natural to use.
These pics are one thing but playing one is believing. One large pic:
And yet I have to say having this now is truely a dream to behold

-The d-pad is less reach than Gamecube's while the Thumb Analog Controller is the same as GC's and smoother to use.
-The thumb above is an idea, believe it, its easy to use this d-pad, easier than a GameCube.
-Also the dpad is of better quality than the original stock n64 controllers.
-Shoulder buttons = L & R on top and Z's on bottom both sides

I have 2 left that are brand new=
1 New Unopened Hori N64 Pad Red $60
1 New Unopened Hori N64 Pad Yellow $60
1 Like New Hori N64 Pad Black $50

joshnickerson = shipped/ has been recieved:
1 Boxed New Winter 2000 Frozen Purple

Mayhem = paid/ shipping shortly with new JDM System:
1 Boxed New Winter 2000 Pad Frost White, 1 Boxed New Red

I wrote here and have added it to a quote for easier reading due to the pic posted.
Quote Originally Posted by NintenDK
I can sell you one now rather than waiting much longer with importing, they do sometimes appear and the price paid is the same after everything adds up. Of course they're no longer produced and Less New ones exist than have already been sold since. Its a Japan Domestic Market only product so the price too is basically for the controller, import here includes bank transfer fees routing for Japan Banks, shipping from a liquidator, importing fees, shipping to me ect. no profit is made here these are what I have left right now after getting new ones where I could, a few I bought for myelf and some extras to pass along over a period of time now.