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Thread: NEW $950 PC! Sleek blk PC w/3GHz, DVDRW, XP, 256mb ATI $499

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    Default NEW $950 PC! Sleek blk PC w/3GHz, DVDRW, XP, 256mb ATI $499

    Not spam!

    High-Power computer!

    Will ship for $30!!

    This PC is PERFECT for anything!

    Custom built for a customer at our PC shop, but customer bought a junky Dell! Need to move fast, too much cash tied up!

    Homework, internet, gaming, movies, video editing, etc!

    Just built, brand new PC!

    * Enermax gloss black case with chrome accents and side window, front slides open!
    * HUGE front case fan, rear case fan, blue light up side fan with gold grill
    * 2 front and 4 rear USB 2.0
    * Front and rear firewire
    * Antec 380w PSU with gold grilles and two fans
    * Foxconn motherboard with onboard video, LAN, sound, firewire, 8x AGP, etc
    * Intel Pentium 4 3.0GHz processor with HyperThreading technology
    * Upgraded Intel OEM copper-core heatsink / fan
    * 512mb PC-3200 400MHz Kingston DDR RAM (lifetime warranty)
    * 80gb Western Digital hard drive (3 year warranty)
    * NEC 16x DVD-RW Dual Layer (burn DVD's)
    * Black 1.44mb floppy drive
    * 56k PCI modem
    * ATI Radeon 9600 Pro 256mb 8x AGP card with Zalman cooler

    Everything is BRAND new except the front/rear case fans and PSU.

    PC currently has Windows XP Home SP2 installed. This is a full new legal copy with all the updates, anti-virus, anti-spyware, DVD burning software, etc! This is NOT an upgrade copy, but a full new one with license sticker!

    PC also has Office XP installed (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access)

    I'm asking $499 for this system. Cash talks, as do trades. I'm always interested in things with a motor or electronics!

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    I know this is a computer and doesn't exactly fit into your other thread, but rules are rules.

    Please add anything you have for sale in the thread you bumped earlier today:


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