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Thread: FS/FT Lots of stuff, Magazines, EGM, lots of misc manual

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    Default FS/FT Lots of stuff, Magazines, EGM, lots of misc manual

    I would prefer to trade for NES and SMS stuff. Send me a list of what you've got to trade and we can work somthing out.
    Prices do not include shipping, I accept paypal and money orders.

    More information/pictures will be provided to person(s) who express interest in a particular item.


    Heavy sixer instruction manual (crease in center) $5

    Vader console (HOLD)

    Cartridge only:
    Buck Rogers $5
    Burgertime $5
    Solar Storm $5
    Tac Scan $3


    Console, works (really beat up) $5

    Popeye $2
    Q Bert $2


    Joust (manual only) $1
    Pole Position 2 (manual only) $1


    Gorf (untested, no way to test) $7

    Game Boy Advance

    Castlevania, classic NES (box and inner box only) $2

    Game Boy Color

    Shock N Rock (no power cord) $2


    System manual X2 $2 each

    Star Wars Rogue Leader $1


    System manual (model 1) $1
    Power Supply $1

    Battleship outercardboard box only $.50
    Where in the world is carmen sandiego - detectives manual (manual only) $.50

    Cartridge only:
    Double Dragon The Shadow Falls $5
    Fantastic Dizzy $5
    Menacer 6 $5


    Cartridge only:
    Bubble Bobble $12
    Dr Mario $7
    Pac-Man (unlicenced) $6
    Mike Tysons Punchout $12 (pending)

    Nintendo 64

    Game Guard 3 pak (sealed) x2 $5 each
    Tom And Jerry Fists of Fury (box only, with inner box) $2
    Duck Dodgers (box only, small rental sticker) $2


    Silent Hill strategy guide (SOLD)
    Ultimate Playstation Cheats $3

    manuals: $1 each
    PSone system manual x2 (with no cover)


    Onimusha 2 strategy guide $3
    Online starup disc V3.0 $1

    manuals: $1 each
    Blood Omen 2
    Network Adapter
    2005 holiday play book catolog
    DVD Remote Control
    System Manual SCPH-70011/SCPH-70012
    System Manual SCPH-30001 r/97001


    Pursuit force demo (sealed) $3 (pending)

    Sega CD 32x

    Corpse Killer (complete) $5

    Super NES

    Cartridge Dust Covers x4 $2
    Paperboy 2 (manual only) $.50

    TI 99

    Cartridge only:
    Burgertime $3
    ZeroZap $3


    Colin Mcrae Rally 04 (manual only) $1

    Magazines: (make an offer)

    Electronics Boutique 1993 Catolog (genesis, SNES etc)
    NBA Jam strategy guide
    Nintendo 64 pamphlet 1996 ("your brain wont believe your eyes")

    EGM magazine

    EGM's guide to portable games and accessories (supplement)

    #58 May 1994
    #66 Jan 1995
    #74 Sept 1995
    #75 Oct 1995
    #89 Dec 1996
    #181 Aug 2004


    #33 March 1997

    Game Imformer

    #77 Sept 1999
    #78 Oct 1999
    #79 Nov 1999

    Nintendo Power

    9 nintendo power posters pulled from issues (nintendo 64 era)

    Vol 175 Jan 2004
    Vol 182 Aug 2004
    Vol 192 June 2005

    Official US Playstation Magazine

    #91 April 2005 (with disc, free underground issue with sticker on cover)
    #94 July 2005 (with disc, free underground issue with sticker on cover)


    #5 Jan 1998
    #13 Sept 1998
    #30 Feb 2000

    PC stuff:

    Games: $2 each unless noted

    Alone In The Dark - The New Nightmare
    Myst Masterpiece Edition
    Risk 2
    Sim Isle
    Super 1 Karting
    Test Drive Off Road 3
    Warcraft 3 manual and CD case only (no disc) $1

    300 watt ATX power supply $5
    Lexmark Z611 printer (brand new in box - no ink cartridge) $10 shipped

    Music CDs $1 each unless noted

    Most are really scratched and cant be traded in for cash, might be good for someone who has a cd surfacer

    Blue Oyster Cult - on flame with rock and roll
    green jelly - cereal killer
    Quad City DJs - cmon and ride it
    Ted Nugent - Great Gonzos
    The revernd horton heat - spend a night in the box

    These are in fairly descent shape

    Bauhaus - 1979-1983 vol 1 $5
    Led Zepplin - 4 $5
    Monster Magnet - powertrip $3
    ZZ Top - Greatest Hits $3

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    Is Alone In The Dark the original DOS version or "The New Nightmare"?
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