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Thread: Beirut Breakout - Desert Strike for Genesis

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    Default Beirut Breakout - Desert Strike for Genesis

    As I wrote on LostLevels, the Beirut Breakout proto I've bought is what I thought: a preliminary version of Desert Strike. Unfinished.
    I've just made a dump for safety (and I am not planning on releasing this)

    These are emulator screenshots:

    Main screen (no intro, this is the first thing you see)

    The last mission, with a weird map. The last mission has a really small briefing ("It's the mother of all mission" then an almost empty map with some stuff to blow up. When you blow up these items, something new appear. But also the other maps have something unfinished. Eg the bus on the third level disappears and the desert has something seriously wrong with the terrain in some spots...

    When you kill your troops...the magic word "Beirut" appears. So the enemy town would have been Beirut!

    This is the board:

    On the back, a tiny wire connects 4 pins to the connector.

    The label on the cart reads exactly:

    Beirut Breakout

    Preliminary Version
    Copyright 1991 Electronic Arts

    Another label:

    Electronic Arts
    "The Studio"

    If you want to see more, just ask.

    I've quickly checked the file with an hexeditor but I didn't find anything.
    search engine @

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    Congrats again Nicola, i know you like this game alot.
    It's great it has so many diffs, any info on why this was made like this and why it was changed? Maybe political reasons?

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