There's a new Coleco handheld with 20 Sega games on it!
Just saw this at Target, looks like it just got put out. I can't find anything about it on the internet, including at Coleco's lame "coming soon" site, so I suspect it's brand new. They had some other Coleco-branded licensed stuff, notably a pink Disney handheld in addition to the usual Sudoku and Casino stuff. There was also a 10-in-1 driving game, virtual boxing, and virtual ping pong.

The Sega set had a disclaimer "Sega is not affiliated with the Coleco console." The unit is black, about the size of the VGPocket handhelds out there (about 2"x4"), and has TV-out leads included. It contains 20 8-bit (Sega Master System and Game Gear) games, including including Sonic Triple Trouble, Fantasy Zone, Super Columns, Alex Kidd, Fantasy Zone, Ecco the Dolphin, and others. Looks pretty good, but it was $49.99, and these games are easily to find elsewhere in other forms. I'll be watching for a price cut just in case, though.