Selling this stuff so I have some extra cash for Christmas. I'll be adding a jp Duo system later I just have to find out how much they go for first. Anyways I can only accept MO and prices don't include shipping. Also there's a $10 min. order. Pics will be added shortly.

JP Turbo Duo unboxed w/ 5 player adapter 2 controllers(1 standard the other the 6 button) Dragon Spirits and SF2 CE for-250 shipped

Dead Rising-35

PCE Games
Street Fighter 2 CE-15
Dragon Spirit-10
Summer Carnival '92 CD-25
Record of Lodoss War 2 CD-10
Tennokoe Bank(memory Card)-10

PS1 Games
Final Fantasy Anthology with music cd Non GH version-25
Final Fantasy Chronicles Non GH-20

Street Fighter 3rd Strike-20
House of the dead 2-10
Record of Lodoss War-20
Soul Calibur-12

Gunster Heroes cart only-7

SNES All cart only
Ninja Gaiden Trilogy-40
TMNT Turtles in Time-7
Killer Instinct-5

Nintendo 64 Cart only
Griffey 64-3
Griffey Slugfest-3
WCW Revenge-3
Wrestlemania 2000-3
No Mercy-3

Strategy Guides
Fire Emblem(GBA)-5
World Heroes 2-7
Kingdom Hearts-7
PoP Warrior Within-5
Soul Calibur 2-7
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles-5
Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga-5

Only trade I'm looking for is a Pink DS Lite for my neice. Open is fine but it has to have the box and in good condition.