Current wants are
iPod Nano
sp: Tony Hawk
:gc: Paper Mario 2
:gc: Resident Evil 4 Tin Edition or Regular
HD-DVD titles

Hey! Here is my trade/sale list. My Wants are at the BOTTOM....Thanks!


:ds: Nintendo DS :ds:
DS Lite System - Polar White (Japanese, with screen protectors, Box, etc.)
E3 2006 DS Lite Case - White (New, never been used. Not in the baggie though)
Princess Peach - Japanese Version
Kirby- Canvas Curse

Hard To Find/Rare/Exclusives:
V for Vendetta - Best Buy Excl. ith Guy Mask (Unopened!)
Tommy Boy - Best Buy Excl. with Bobble Head (Unopened!)
Puppet Masters Boxset (Mpovies 1-8) RECALLED
Lion King - Disney Gift Set
Aladdin - Disney Gift SetDVDs (All Complete, Near Mint, and Widescreen!)
12 Monkeys
Aeon Flux
A Christmas Story (Slipcase Version)
Back To The Future Boxset (1 2 & 3) (Box has a bit of damage)
Basic Instict (Pen, Clear Edition) (Case's hunges kinda broken)
Corpses Bride
The Craft
Dazed and Confused
From Dusk Till Dawn (Full Tilt Boobie Edition)
Fast Times at Ridgemont High
Fahrenheit 9/11
Forgotten, The (with Slipcase)
House of Wax (Ex Rental)
Halloween 4 Tin Edition (Tin in ok condition. Dents/ Scratches etc.)
King Kong (Peter Jackson)
Kingdom Of Heaven
Land of the Dead (With Slipcase)
Pulp Fiction
Peanurs - Its The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
Peanurs - A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving
Peanurs - A Charlie Brown Chirstmas
Peanurs - A Charlie Brown Valentine
Peanurs - I want a Dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown
Resevoir Dogs
Scream boxset (Movies 1-3 + Bonus DVD)
Sleepy Hallow
Toy Story (With Slipcase)
Toy Story 2 (With Slipcase)
The Truman Show(New Version)
The Weatherman
Van Helsing (The Deluxe version with 2 classic Monster movies)

TV Shows:
American Dad Season 1 (Unopened)
Dark Angel Season 1
Desperate Housewives Season 1
Mind of Menicia Season 1
Nip/Tuck Season 1
The Office Season 1
One Tree Hill Season 2
Robot Chicken Season 1
Reno 9/11 Season 1
Seinfeld Season 1 & 2
Seinfeld Season 3
Seinfeld Season 4
Simpsons Season 1

(Will only trade for other HD-DVDs or TV boxsets)

Sports DVDs:
MLB Access Sound
Awesome All-Star Action
Ankle Breakser Vol. 1
NBA The Foundation
Carolina Panthers 2003

Atari 2600
Atari 2600 (4 Switch Woodgraine) with 4 Joysticks and about 55-60 games.

Games - Adventure Arcade Pinball Air Sea Battle Asteroids Atlantis Backgammon Basketball Berzerk Breakout Canyon Bomber Casino Carnival Combat Cosmic Ark Crack Pots Defender Demon Attack Decanter Decathalon Donkey Kong Dolphin E.T. Fathom Grand Prix Haunted House Ice Hockey Indy 500 Joust Jungle Hunt Keystone Kapers Midnight Magic Missle Command Ms. Pacman Name this Game Night Driver Outlaw Pac-Man Pac-Man Jr Pole Position Q-Bert RealSports Baseball Riddle of the Sphinx Space Shuttle Street Racer Star Wars - Return of the Jedi Swordquest Earthworld Swordquest Fireworld Trick Shot Video Pinball Video Chess Video Olympics Vanguard Warlords

Pioneer 6800 iPod Cardeck

I am selling my almost brand new Pioneer 6800mp with Pioneer iPod adapter (the newer version). I just purchased this in late May of 06 and recently got a new car and this deck does not fit :-( . I paid close to $500 for the deck, iPod adapter and installation. You are getting everything you see plus a bit more. I also have the box, manuals, and remote control for the stereo deck. This works great. The only reason I am selling it is because there is no 'kit' to fit this in my new car. I am also including the kit that was purchased to install in my Scion. Ive only used this about 2-3 months. The sound is CD quality! No FM Transmittors or AUX outs...this is the BEST! Connects directly to you're iPod port!

For those unfamilair with this deck, it lets you control any iPod right through the stereo itself. It shows you're playlists, album titles, singer, groups, etc. Its just like a click wheel! Compare around...this is the best value possible! Works with all iPods, including the new Video (obviously does not display video..)

N-Gage Promo Magazines. I have 6 of these total. Only available to those who work in the industry...not even EB/GameStop got these! Issue - December 2004

NES Classics Promo Display
This is a small counter display. It has the option of playing a little 'mario' music when the top portion is touched. Very cool!

Metroid Figure
Metroid Figure made by JoyRide. These are going for a ton on ebay. This is just the figure only, not female head.

Sega Saturn Stickers
Set of 4 Sega Saturn stickers that came with the luanch Saturn systems. Never taken off.

X-Box Retail NOT FOR RESALE Discs
I have 2.2, 2.3, 2.4 an 2.5. 2.3 has a small paper case. These were in Xbox Kiosk systesm 2+ years ago and are very hard to find. Most were taken by X-box reps and destroyed. I saved a few. They do have scratches but all booted up fine on my Xbox.

:360: Xbox 360 :360:
Enchanted Arms
Dead Rising T-Shirt - Unopened

sp: PSP sp:
Ultimate Block Party
Valkryie Profile
Gradius Collection
Pirates of the Carribean
Taito Memories (Japanese Version)

sp: PSP Movies sp:
Animal House UMD
American Pie UMD
Harold and Kumar UMD
Family Guy Season 1 & 2

Promo, Not for Resale Games. Full Versions of the games but they were in the Kiosks at stores


:gc: GameCube :gc:
Mario Strikers!
Resident Evil 4 Tin Edition
Paper Mario 2

:360: Xbox 360 :360:

sp: PSP sp:
Ape Escape
Tony Hawk
Street Fighter Alpha
Certain PSP Movies

:gba:GBA :gba:

Beavis and Butthead Volume II
Six Feet Under Season 4
Six Feet Under Season 5
+ More! Looking for alot of them. Just post a list.

Other stuff? Post a list!