Okay here's the situation, I'm in need of scans of the box art for lots and lots of systems. My collection is pretty big, so I've managed to knock off a lot of what I need - but there is an enormous amount remaining. This isn't a cover project or anything. I am doing this for my website and basically I am only using part of the box art not the whole thing (sort of cropping it to zoom in on the most exciting part of the box for use on my site). I've run out of boxes, though so here is where you guys (hopefully) come in.

I'm looking to either buy any loose inserts that people have, or boxes. I will also buy a scan if you want to scan it and email it to me. The insert or box doesn't necessarily have to be in perfect condition around the edges, as usually, I am focusing on the artwork toward the center of the box - but the rest of the box should be free of any blemishes, scratches, holes, etc. So I am looking for people with boxes that they don't want, or, boxes/inserts that people will loan me (I will pay for shipping both ways, insured + something for your trouble), or people that will scan. Bulk situations would be best I guess as would loaning as I will really have no use for most of the inserts once I've scanned them. (Though some would go further to complete some loose games I have.)

Other notes: If providing scans, I request that they are of high resolution. In the case of SMS I am also interested in non-US games, as they represent a large portion of the releases. In most other cases, I would lean toward US box art for other games but will take what I can get (especially in those cases where the PAL version looks better). Besides SMS and Genesis there are a dozen or so other systems that I need boxes/inserts for. I'll probably get to those later, but if you have a large lot of loose covers/boxes for other systems let me know anyway. This will probably, if there is any sort of interest, be something I will be persuing for months.

I am not sure how many covers/scans/boxes I will be able to buy given that we're approaching the "expensive" time of the year, and box/insert value is obviously going to depend on the game. Also, anyone have a good price for a the value of a scan? I will try to update this later with the games that I already have, it is safe to assume that I have most of the easy to come by games for the above systems.