I'm tired of this stuff just taking up space. I have all these systems and and never play them...UGH what a waste! Please help take them off my hands and into a good home I tired to price them for quick sale, but if you want to make offers please do so!

JVC Xeye
Comes with:
2 original 6 button controllers
All hookups and power cords
Sega cd games: Ecco tides of time, batman Returns both games are loose.

$85.00 Shipped

Sega Genesis model 1
Comes with:
2 original 3 button controllers
1 Arcade power stick
3 3rd party controllers
1 game genie
All power adaptors and wires included.
Over 50 games.

Sega genesis games with game and box only: TMNT tournament fighters, Tecmo superbowl, 2 copies of sonic, Madden 96, Dynamite Headdy, Super Hangon, Spiderman venom macimum carnage, Mortal Kombat, Primal Rage, Madden 94, Tecmo super NBA basketball, Sonic 3, Tax in Escape from mars, Aladdin, Mortal Kombat 2, Eternal Champions, Zoop, World series 96.

Sega genesis games complete: Sonic 2, NFL Quarterback club 96, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Bulls/Lakers, Rocket Knight Adventure, Pitfall, Jurassic Park.

Loose genesis games: Jungle Strike, RBI Baseball 93, James bond the duel, Coach K basketball, Nigel Mansells Racing, Zero Tolerance, Prince of Persia, Ecco the Tides of Time, Zombies ate my neighbors, TMNT The Hyperstone Heist, TNN outdoors Bass Tournament 96, Paperboy, Madden 95, Sonic 2, Olympic Summer games, Genesis 6 pak, Jeoparady, Comix Zone, NHL 96, Fifa soccer, College football 97, NHL all star hockey, PGA tour 3, PGA 2, Contra Hard Corps, Bretthull hockey 95

$125.00 Shipped

Super Nintendo
Not yellowed
1 Controller
1 mouse
All hookups
Game Genie
25 Games

Games are all loose: Capcomís MVP football, Championship pool, The Lion King, NHLPA Hockey, Killer Instinct, Filmation presents snow white in Happily ever after, Robocop versus terminator, 2 copies of NBA Jam, Super Soccer, Empire Strikes Back, Donkey Knog 3, Hole in one golf, Newman Hass Indy Car, Spiderman Venon maximum carniage, Starfox, Super Star wars, Konkey Kong country, WWF super wrestlemania, Super Tennis, Ken Griffey Baseball, Captain Commando, Boxing Legends of the Ring, Super Ghouls n Ghosts.

$110.00 Shipped

Modded Sega Saturn
1 Nights controller
1 Regular controller
14 Original games

***This is being sold as is because The mod chip has a wire that has to be soldered to the power supply (if you have ever modded a Saturn you know what this means) right now that wire is only taped on. Although the system boots games up fine now, Iím sure during shipping the wire will come loose. Otherwise this system plays great.

Complete original games: NHL 97, Highway 2000, Sega Rally Championship, Rayman (only loose game), Fifa soccer 96, Impact Racing, Criticom, Quarterback Club 97 (case only), Gex, Street fighter Alpha, World wide soccer, Cyber speedway, Madden 97, Hardcore 4x4.

$110.00 Shipped

1 Controller
All hookups
Dex Drive (untested)

N64 games all loose: Turok 2, Mario Kart 64, Killer Instinct Gold, Blitx, Perfect Dark.
$50.00 Shipped

Turbo Grafx
1 Controller
All hookups

Games: Keith courage loose, Bonks adventure loose, Andre panzani kick boxing loose, Pac land complete, Jack Nicklaus golf complete, World Court tennis complete

$60.00 Shipped

RARE Neo Geo CD Front Loader Japanese System with no region codes
2 Arcade Contollers
All hookups

$165.00 Shipped

5 NEO GEO CD Games

World heroes Perfect complete
Sonic Wings 3 Complete
Gan Gan complete
Samurai Showdown box only
Last Resort complete

55.00 Shipped