All prices in $US. I only accept paypal + 4% to cover fees. Prices do not include shipping. Prices are fairly firm but if you order multiple items I can be flexible on the prices. I am not interested in any trades. Post here or pm me if you are interested in anything. Ignore the prices below and take 25% off of them when you are considering anything. PM me about buying multiple items and I can go even lower.

Cosmic Avenger loose $1 or free with order over $25

Loose Lock n chase $1
Losoe night stalker $1
Loose Tron Dealy discs $1
Loose burger time $1
Complete Las Vegas Blackjack $4
Sealed Las Vegar Blackjack $6
Complete Major League Baseball $4
Sealed Space Spartans $7
Sealed Star STrike $7
Sealed Triple Action $7

The Adventures of Mighty Max complete $5

Mouse controller $3

Game Gear:
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 loose $3
Mortal Kombat II loose $3
Batman Forever loose $4
Streets of Rage loose $3
All 4 for $11

Neo Geo:
5 Shock boxes $9 each or all 5 for $40 Used for storing mvs carts

All Star Slammin' D-Ball Complete $8
Complete MegaMan X4 $15

Jewel Case + CD + Manual
Sega Pc Virtua On $4
Star Wars Racer Episode 1 $3
Star Trek Starship Creator $4
Sega Pc Sonic R $4
Sonic and Knuckles Collection $3
Sonic CD $3
Sega Puzzle Pack Sealed $5
Sega Smash Pack 2 no manual $4
Microsfot Golf Sealed $5
Myst $3
Ironblood complete with box $9
Disney Interactive games CD-rom sampler volume II no manual $2
FIFA International Soccer 1994 Sealed no manual $5
Frogger $4
Hostile Rising Antaeus Rising Complete with box $8

Cougar Boy:
Cougar Boy system complete with 5 complete games and the 4-in-1 multicart pack-in. Games are Black Forest tale, Street rider, magic maze, sueleiman's treasure, artic zone and the multicart. SOLD

Shonen Jump monthly magazine published by viz issues 1 Jan 03 - Issue 39 April 2006. $6 each or $150 for the whole set
Full Metal Alchemist Volume 3 free with order over $20

Linking Park Hyprid Theory brand new just unsealed to check for scratches $5
Music of Suikoden Sealed $4

Capcom shirt with Megaman graphic on the back never won size kids large $12
Classic Gaming Expo 2003 shirt size adult small never won $14
Black Nintendo Adjustable Baseball Hat never worn $5
Black Nintendo shirt with black nintendo graphic on front gamestop logo screenprinted onto left sleeve never worn adult large $13
Sealed in original bag Adult large never won Metroid Prime Echos T-shirt $14
Gametime 100th Anniversary watch for 2003 world series in commemorative metal case $5 or free with orders over $50
Driv3r Run the Guantlet DVD sealed $6
Final Fantasy 11 Online mousepad $5[/b]