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Thread: PC, Sega Saturn, and 3DO games for sale/trade

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    Default PC, Sega Saturn, and 3DO games for sale/trade

    Hello all, I know that the pressure is really on me since I'm new here. It's just that I would like to get rid of some of my games to avoid too much clutter, and I'm tired of stupid e-bay fees for items I can't sell anyway. If you'd like to see it, here's my feedback rating on e-bay.

    Here's what I have. All of the games are complete unless otherwise stated.

    Sega CD:
    1. Sonic CD (Case and Manual only, no disc)

    Master System:
    1. Fantasy Zone III: The Maze (Case and manual only, no cart)


    1. Quest for Glory V: Dragon Fire (both discs and original case w/ insert as well as original box included, manual missing)
    2. Quest for Glory V Prima Games Guide

    Panasonic 3DO:

    1. Doom (box, manual, disc, original case w/ artwork)
    2. Myst (box, manual, disc, original case w/ artwork, warranty and registration inserts)
    3. Wicked 18 Golf (Factory Sealed, long box)
    4. PGA Tour '96 (Factory Sealed, long box)
    5. Waialae Country Club (Factory Sealed, long box)
    6. Johnny Bazookatone (disc in jewel case w/ manual)
    7. Lost Eden (disc only in jewel case)
    8. Kingdom: The Far Reaches (disc in jewel case w/ insert, manual)
    9. Robinson's Requiem (disc in jewel case, insert showing the control scheme)
    10. Pebble Beach Golf Links (disc in original case w/ artwork, no long box or manual)
    11. Total Eclipse (factory sealed, not the long box version)

    Sega Saturn

    1. Sega Rally Championship (complete)
    2. Daytona USA (complete, plastic case version)
    3. F1 Challenge (complete, case hinges broken)
    4. Need for Speed (complete)
    5. Night Warriors: Darkstalker's Revenge (factory sealed)
    6. X-Men: Children of the Atom (complete)
    7. Madden '97 (complete, fold outs and registration card included)
    8. NFL Quarterback Club '97 (complete)
    9. NHL All-Star Hockey (complete)
    10. Last Gladiators Digital Pinball (complete)
    11. Road Rash (complete)
    12. Tomb Raider (complete, case hinges broken)
    13. Gun Griffon (complete)
    14. Andretti Racing (complete, cracks on case front, one case hinge is broken)

    Well, that's everything I have right now. I recently bought a Saturn lot off of e-bay from a guy for some of the games he had. I don't want to keep everything, so I should have some more stuff sometime within the next week, including a system.

    Feel free to make me an offer on any of these games, If you want me to e-mail you pictures I'd be happy to, and I'll answer any questions. As far as trades go, I'm looking for a few Saturn games. I'd prefer them to be complete. I'm not to worried about case condition as long as everything's there, since they were easy to mangle. Here's what I'm looking for the Saturn:

    Lost World: Jurassic Park
    Sonic Jam
    Burning Rangers
    Shining Force III
    Dragon Force
    Christmas NiGHTs

    I also wouldn't mind having a copy of Street Fighter 2 Turbo for the 3DO.

    Of course, I do realize that a few of those are on the more expensive end of Saturn games, so I know I'd be trading in multiple items to get them.

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