Hello! I've posted this price check on ASSEMbler forum too, but I didn't receive any public pricing range (I've received just 2 offers by pm of 160 and 150 euros):

I've found a carton box (last pic) that should contain 6 of these, but one was already gone. 1 is open, 4 still sealed.

These are the infos I know plus infos I've obtained from a very nice member over at eBay:

In 1997-1998 Nintendo became the first sponsor of the Italian soccer team Fiorentina (that was in Serie A, top teams).

But I've never heard about a special numbered edition of the GBP, made to celebrate the contract.
On the GB case there is a metal plate that tells the number (0009 of 3000 in this case) but over the shipping box (that tells which numbers are contained inside) the numbers are "from 008 to 013". This and the fact that I've never seen another one, make me think that actually less than 999 were made. Again, it's the first one that I've seen here in Italy. And many of you know that I check eBay and other places well enough.

The package contains:
-a small letter that explains the LE (made after the model distributed to the soccer players)

-two games: Soccer and Super Mario Land


-batteries (sealed)

On the Gb there is a plate with number and the Fiorentina sign.

An interesting LE for it's age (made in 1996). At that time Gig was the official distributor (now it's Nindendo of Italy) so the LE has been made by Gig and Nintendo.
I don't remember any publicity on TV or magazines about this LE (I think they didn't publicize it). No prices on the boxes, this box has been found in a toy shop.

Karsten, ASSEMbler member, added these infos: "...they were around for a very brief time and only in tuscany from what i remember, and they didn't have much success because of the cost. you can consider them pretty rare expecially one in such a great shape. i think one of my friends that is a fanatic of fiorentina have one too...

by the way i think that the number 001 was gifted to the player called batistuta, so it's not around... but don't quote me on this last one, for so much time have passed..." (Thanks again Karsten!)

Well, I am not really interested in selling these. Just a price check, just in case I may want to sell one sealed copy (the sn may be 007 to 013 but not the 009 that I'll keep)