I just want to get rid of these games...they are just taking up space...

Sega genesis games with game and box only:
TMNT tournament fighters
Tecmo superbowl
2 copies of sonic, Madden 96
Dynamite Headdy
Super Hangon
Spiderman venom macimum carnage
Mortal Kombat
Primal Rage
Madden 94
Tecmo super NBA basketball
Sonic 3
Tax in Escape from mars
Mortal Kombat 2
Eternal Champions
World series 96

Sega genesis games complete:
Sonic 2
NFL Quarterback club 96
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Rocket Knight Adventure
Jurassic Park

Loose genesis games:
Jungle Strike
RBI Baseball 93
James bond the duel
Coach K basketball
Nigel Mansells Racing
Zero Tolerance
Prince of Persia
Ecco the Tides of Time
Zombies ate my neighbors
TMNT The Hyperstone Heist
TNN outdoors Bass Tournament 96
Madden 95
Sonic 2
Olympic Summer games
Genesis 6 pak
Comix Zone
NHL 96
Fifa soccer
College football 97
NHL all star hockey
PGA tour 3
Contra Hard Corps
Bretthull hockey 95