I've decided to start selling off a lot of my video game junk and the strategy guides are the first to go. I never read them anyhow. I have some rare ones I've found over the years at various locales. Hopefully they can fill a hole in your collection.

SNES Guides
Breath of Fire (Prima, official, poor condition)
Earthbound (Nintendo, official, fair condition)
Secret of Mana (Prima, official)

PS1 Guides
Valkyrie Profile (Prima, official)
Star Ocean: The Second Story (Prima, official)
Tactics Ogre (Prima, official)
Ogre Battle (Prima, official)
Koudelka (Prima, official)
Final Fantasy VII (Verus, unofficial, very poor condition, no poster)
Front Mission 3 (Brady, official)
Saga Frontier (Brady, official)
Xenogears (Brady, official)
Breath of Fire III (Prima, official, fair condition)
Harvest Moon: Back to Nature (Prima, official)
Parasite Eve II (Brady, official, fair condition)
Vagrant Story (Brady, official)
Tales of Destiny II (Prima, official)
Persona (Prima, official)

GC Guides
Skies of Arcadia: Legends
The Legend of Zelda: Collector's Edition

PS2 Guides
Grandia Xtreme (Versus, official) - I think this is the last guide they did

Likely anything I don't sell will end up on ebay, so please make offers.