Proto M2 Controller (lots of interest shown last time) : Starting at 50

Xbox Dev Kit DVT3 (No shielding on top, other details in Xbox Dev Forum) : 300
Some paperwork (25? We'll See) and Raptor (55) card available


Killer Instinct 2 PCB (Cant confirm working or not, never had all the
parts) = 50 shipped

Capcom IO for Sega Naomi with Wires = 200 shipped

Naomi mb w/ bent pin, works, but can take a few tries. No screws
holding the case together. 50 shipped

Royal Rumble Naomi Cart (100% working) = 55 shipped

Erghiez PCB = 55 shipped

Soul Calibur setup, cant get it to work though. No visible damage, good for parts : 35 shipped

Hyper 64 with Sam Sho 64 = 100 + Shipping (extremely heavy)

Ive also got a Gauntlet Legends board set with HDD and all 3 boards.
One of the 5v pins (I believe) on the edge is damaged, seems like it
was burnt like another person said here. Nothing comes up on the
screen, but I haven't got a soldering iron to fix it up and see if that
is the issue. The lights and such come up on all 3 boards. 70 shipped

Metal Slug 3 MVS : 60 shipped


Japanese PS2 with External HDD (original model PS2). Used but working, HDD software not included so not tested. Comes with FFXII (12), disk and Manual only. 200

Silver Slim PS2 PAL w/ Box and everything : 150

Sega Saturn lot (been listed before, search hah, lots of games and stuff) : 130

Turbographx console w/ 2 controllers, multi-tapish thing, and I believe baseball : 50 shipped

All prices are for the US. Pictures available. Ebay = diroman