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Thread: FS/FT list Sega Nomad/Atari 2600/PS1/PS2/Atari 7800/SNES Kiosk

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    Default FS/FT list Sega Nomad/Atari 2600/PS1/PS2/Atari 7800/SNES Kiosk

    The stuff below is for sale... or trade. Shipped is not included... but I don't make profits from shipping... so it will be exact cost (if anything... I usually underquote shipping prices and pay a buck or two out of pocket). Either way... this is a better way to get a few games that you need then EBAY.

    Please try to keep the smallest order at $10. It makes things easier on me!

    Okay... here are the things I have for sale... or that I will trade:
    (Stuff I want or need at the bottom of post)

    Atari 2600 (Vader).... in box.... one controller and power supply.... $30 plus shipping

    Sears telegames 6-Switch (Heavy Sixer... NOT a light sixer). No box. Looks great... plays great. Switches are not loose. Comes with TWO older types of joysticks. The ones with the indention for the disk (sorry no disk... see picture to show the type of joystick I'm talking about). Also comes with Gray power supply. and The Sears Driving Controllers. And the Sears Paddles. See pic of an example: Not a bad set-up... $50 plus shipping

    Remember... mine does not have the disk. It is one of the original joysticks though that are harder to find.

    I can't find a picture... but mine says SEARS instead of Driving.

    Atari 7800 system. In box. No controllers. Power supply. Works great (I tested it with a strange controller. Works as good as any 7800 I've messed around with). $45

    Shipping added for individual games....
    (Most have the boxes/Manuals):
    FF Anthology (FF V and VI games. And a Music CD from both games) 15
    FF VIII 15
    FF IX (has a sticker from the place I bought it from surrounding the hole of the Cd...) 15
    Chrono Cross 15
    Nuclear Strike (no case) 3
    Tomb Raider2 and 3 (should work... have not tested and got them second hand. PM before buying and I'll test them for you)
    Destruction Derby 1 and 2 10
    Syphon Filter 1-3 15 for set
    Legacy of Kain Blood Omen, Soul Reaver, Fight Force (Collector's Edition) 10 for set
    Resident Evil Director's Cut (no case) 5
    Fear Effect (4 discs... no case) 5

    PS2 Games
    Most are complete with boxes and instructions. If not... it will be noted. I will double check upon shipping and refund ya some cash if by chance I did not have the instructions and cases. Thanks!!! Any questions ask. All games have been played (some... like Godfather and Dragon Quest VIII for only a few hours or minutes)

    Activision Anthology 7.50
    Defender (no case... I think) 4.00
    Outlaw Golf 2 5
    Gun 10
    The Godfather (Limited Edition) 25
    Silent Hill 4 15
    Resident Evil Code: Veronica 7.50
    Resident Evil Outbreak 7.50
    Resident Evil 4 12 no instructions. Geberic case.
    Hot Shots Golf 3 [b10[/b]
    Metal Gear 3 (original release) 5
    Metal Gear 2 (not the subsistence disc... the regular disk) 5
    Final Fantasy X 10
    Final Fantasy X-2 10
    Metal Slug 4 and 5 (double pack!) not played! 15
    007 Agent Under Fire 5
    Full Spectrum Warrior 5
    Fight Club 5
    Red Ninja 5
    NCAA 2004 5
    NCAA 2005 5
    ESPN NHL 2K5 5
    HeadHunter 5
    State of Emergency 5
    Socom US Navy Seals 5
    Rocky 7.50
    Eternal Ring 5

    Grand Theft Auto Gift pack!!! They entire GTA Playstation set!!!!
    ***SEE BELOW AND GRAB THE ENTIRE GTA SET! WHOEVER WANTS IT CAN GRAB IT FOR THE PRICE OF $55 SHIPPED !!!!! If it doesn't sell as a set... I will then break it up for individual sells
    GTA, GTA London, GTA 2 (GIFT PACK)
    Grand Theft Auto III
    Grand Theft Auto Vice City (came as a collector's pack???)
    Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
    Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories

    SNES LOT....
    You get two SNES systems. One is in the Kiosk. I don't have all of the games in front of me... but there are about 20. The rarest: Final Fantasy Mystic Quest. I have a few Star Wars games, and I think I have the Zelda game... don't quote me on that one though.

    And of course... the SNES Kiosk. I'm not going to be able to ship this... so someone will need to pick it up. I has a big tube above the monitor that lights up red when it is turned on. Really cool looking. Selling it all for $150

    Defender ROM board.
    I don't know much about this or if it works. I have a ROM board... looks as though a few connecting pins are broke off (not to the actual ROMS). It has a Defender Rom set in it.
    Looks like this:

    Each ROM has a label on it... and the number 5 ROM is missing. As you can see from this random picture on ebay... they are missing the same rom... I think it is supposed to do that. One sticker on one of the ROMS says Defender ROM 4 1980 Williams.... The rest all say 1981.
    I've seen them go for $50 or so. First $20 can have it.

    Atari 2600 games:

    SET #1 ($1 each)
    Asteroids X6
    Atlantis x3
    Backgammon T
    Basketball X3
    Berzerk X2
    Bowling X2
    Casino X2
    Chopper Command
    Crystal Castles (front label holes)
    Defender SEARS PIC
    Demon Attack text X2
    Dig Dug
    Dodge 'em T X2
    Dodge 'Em Pic
    Donkey Kong (coleco)
    Donkey Kong (coleco bad labels)
    Dragonfire X3
    Enduro X2
    ET X2
    Football (super Challenge... White Label INTV)
    Golf T
    Golf T (missing end label)
    Gran Prix X2
    Haunted House
    Homerun T (missing end Label)
    Ice Hockey
    Journey X3
    Jungle Hunt
    Laser Blast X2
    Lock N Chase
    Math Gran Prix
    Maze Craze x2
    Midnight Magic (red Label)
    Minature Golf Text (missing end label)
    Missile Command (uppercase)
    Missile Command (lowercase end label)
    Missile Command Sears Text
    MS. Pacman
    Night Driver X2
    Outlaw X2
    Pitfall (bad label)
    Pole Position
    Popeye (bad label)
    Raiders of the Lost Ark
    Real Sports Tennis
    Riddle of the Sphinx X2
    Sky Jinks No label at all
    Solaris X3 (red Label)
    Space Cavern X2
    Space Invaders T X2
    Space Shuttle (faded label)
    Space War
    Starmaster X2
    Star Raiders
    Star Wars Empire Strikes Back
    Street Racer
    Street Racer T (missing end labels) X2
    Star Ship
    Star Voyager (text) X2
    Strawberry Shortcake (no label at all)
    Super Breakout X3
    Superman Pic Label (end label crappy)
    Surround (Text "41" 1977)
    Swordquest Fireworld
    Target Fun T X2
    Towering Inferno
    Venture (coleco) X4
    Video Olympics
    Video Pinball
    Warlords (Sticker on back of cart)
    Wizard of Wor (bad labels)
    Worm War I (marker writing on front label)
    Yars Revenge

    SET #2 ($3 each)
    Bermuda Triangle (label peeling)
    Cosmic Creeps (bad label)
    Donkey Kong X3 Great labels (Coleco)
    Donkey Kong Jr. Coleco
    Encounter at L-5
    Frogger X2
    GI Joe (Gray... bad label)
    Gorf (bad Label)
    Joust (bad label)
    MASH X2
    Megamania (actiplaque)
    Mousetrap coleco
    Omega Race (bad label)
    Planet Patrol (punctured label)
    Racquetball (no end label)
    River Raid X2
    Shark Attack (no end label)
    Sky Skipper (ugly label)
    Sneak'n peak
    Space Jockey
    Squeeze Box
    Star Wars Return of the Jedi (bad end label... faded and torn)
    Summer Games (end label torn)
    Super Cobra
    Superman TEXT

    SET #3 ($5 each)
    Burgertime X2
    Coconuts (standard)
    Cosmis Creeps (bad label)
    Defender II (red Label)
    Kool-Aid Man X2
    Piece O' Cake
    Pitfall 2 (great label!!)
    Raft Rider (no end Label on the handle) Beveled Case
    Submarine Commander (torn End Label) Sears Pic

    I may be selling off a lot of my Atari 2600 colection... but not right now.

    I have a Sega Nomad... with 13 or so games. (Shadowrun, Phantasy Star 2 and 4 and others). $135 plus shipping

    Here are the games:
    Road Rash II complete
    Beavis and Butthead Complete
    Phantasy Star II Complete
    Phantasy Star IV (no label/no box/no manual)
    Shadowrun Complete
    Sonic 2 Complete
    MK II Complete
    Battletech Complete
    Urban Strike Complete
    Monopoly Complete
    Sonic 3d Blast Complete
    Clayfighter Complete
    F22 w/manual

    Sega Nomad with newly replaced screen protector (no scratches!!)
    Works great, great sound, Great stability when using the ac plug (it is not loose). Works everytime!
    AC adaptor
    soft carrying case

    My wants... or needs:

    I have another thread going for items that I am looking for (TG-16 stuff mainly). I can't figure out how to link that thread... so just look for it. It is titled: "Help me complete my Turbo Grafx Collection"

    Here are a few other games I need to help complete another collection:
    Atari Lynx:
    Blue Lightning Ridged
    California Games Ridged
    California Games Flat
    Electrocop Ridged
    Gates of Zendocon Ridged
    Gates of Zendocon Curved
    Gualntlet 3rd Encounter Ridged
    Ninja Gaiden III Ridged
    Power Factor
    Super Asteroids and Missile Command

    Eric DeLee

    Special note/disclaimer: Please keep in mind that a lot of the cd/dvd based games will have the noral 'used' look to them. Most of the time, when you play a game once or twice, it will show a little bit of wear and tear on the back side. My games have all been played at least once or twice unless noted. They worked on my systems, and I am quite sure they should work on yours as well. Just keep in mind that they aren't mueseum quality pieces... they are games! With that said... buy them up! I'm not taking them to Gamestop... and I'd rather avoid ebay right now. Thanks!
    Last edited by EricDeLee; 01-14-2007 at 01:21 PM.

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    PM sent.


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    all PMs have been answered....

    Get back to me!

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    Bumped due to edit. (Items sold have been removed)

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    Made changes and took off the sold items....

    Thank you to everyone thus far!

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    Made changes....
    I also changed the Sega Nomad stuff. Price change!

    Buy up soon!!!

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