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Thread: Wtb/wtt for psx pocket station (any version)

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    Default Wtb/wtt for psx pocket station (any version)

    I'm looking for the above mentioned pocketstation for the ps1/psx
    I want to play the mini game from ff8 (I lack the pc version blah blah)

    i'm willing to outright buy one if someone wants to sell or trade for one, a few things I have up for trade include:

    nes ducktales cart only
    gba tales of phantasia (sealed)
    ds polarium (sealed)
    psx Brave fencer musashi-den (complete)
    ds gunpey (sealed)

    I have more for trade but again would rather outright buy one
    I am also looking for final fantasy 8 pc as well as any of the triple triad cards that people might have extras of.

    Also the pocketstation MUST work (duh)

    added another NEW ds game for trade,again i'd like to get this for less then the ebay prices if anyone has one they aren't using!

    I can pay via paypal imeidately if anyone happens to have one :-)
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