I've pre-ordered Major League Baseball 2K7 for the Nintendo DS which is listed as coming out on March 5...I've ordered it from Amazon.com so I can cancel that order until the day they actually ship it (or at least begin the shipping process).; I was wondering if anyone had any information or thoughts on this game. Baseball is my favorite sport to play as far as video games go. I do have one baseball game I can play on this system (Baseball Advance, a GBA game) but it's horribly outdated. SS Jack Wilson is the one player on my Pittsburgh Pirates team that's actually still with the team in real-life...heck, some of the guys they list for the Pirates have retired! I'm mainly interested in whether this new game will be fun to play and if I'll be able to see everything. I have no problem making out the images on Baseball Advance so I'm hoping that won't be an issue. I hope to get some feedback (or find some online reviews) before the game officially comes out in two weeks.