On occasion I like to check out some of the various video podcasts for certain video game podcasts, like 1upShow, On the Spot and IGN Weekly. Normally, I would watch these shows on my computer monitor, sitting in my computer chair, with headphones on. Not exactly the most comfortable way of doing things. Then I realized that I could actually be watching these things on my big ass TV via my PS3 system. Well, at least the ones that I can download in a form that is compatible with PSP. The 1upShow has a PSP version that you can download, so all you have to do is download that version, slap it on a memory stick, and then pop the memory stick in the PS3 and you can watch 1upShow on your big TV like it's a cable TV show or something. It's much more enjoyable to kick back on the couch and watch the video podcast on a big TV and hear the sound coming from my stereo, rather than watching it on a tiny window on my PC monitor, sitting in my somewhat uncomfortable office chair, yada yada yada.

I do have a couple of questions for anybody that is very familar with watching various videos on the PS3. Does the video file have to be a mp4 video file? I'm guessing it does. Is it possible to convert Windows Media Files and Quicktime video files to mp4? Is there an easy free program that does that? When I watch the 1upShow on my PS3 via the memory stick, it does actually look pretty good, even though the actual resolution is only 330 x 180 or something like that. Some of these video podcasts allow you to download much higher res versions, and I wonder if there is a way to convert those to MP4, and would it then look even better when viewed via the PS3 on a big TV?