This is everything I have FT/FS right now. Pics will be provided if asked.

Wants: Xbox 360 games, Wii games, DVD Boxsets, PS2/PS1 games, DS games, will look at all lists.

Playstation Games and items:
Final Fantasy 9 (black label)
PSone Car Adapter (sealed)
Twisted Metal 4
Mega Man X4

Family Guy Stewie Griffin Movie:
South Park: When Tech Attacks

Microsoft Xbox 360 headset (New!)
Action Replay Max w/ Memory Card

World of Illusion: Mickey and Donald x2
Sonic 1
Castle of Illusion with Mickey Mouse

Super Mario Advance

Snake Rattle and Roll with Manual
Blaster Master
Ironsword: Wizards and Warriors 2 -
Goonies II
Rad Racer

Famiclone with Euro Plugs (New, pictures available)

SNES games:
Taz Mania (a bit beat up)
Donkey Kong Country x2
Super Metroid
Super Mario Kart
Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo
Legend of Zelda: LttP

Gamecube Gameboy Player (Used)
Gamecube Gameboy Player (New, x3)

Computer stuff
10/100 Linksys Nic card (x2)
Microsoft 4 port router (Router and ac adapter only)
Thermaltake Purepower 460w PSU
Logitech Freedom 2.4 Cordless Joystick

Promos and assorted items
Naruto Keychain
Star Wars Death Star desktop ball (makes explosion noises!)
Metal Gear Acid 2 art cell (x2)
Prey pewter figure (x2)
Untold Legends 2 figure (x2)
Onimusha Dawn of Dreams art cel
Half Life 2 raising the bar book (sealed)
Nintendo DS Ballcap (black, has nintendo DS on the front, touching is good on the back) -
Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz T-Shirt (x5)
Dark Kingdom Tshirt (x5)
Gamestop Powerplay T-Shirt (x5)
MGS Portable Ops PSP guards (x3)
Reggie Wii t shirt.
The Outfit 360 faceplate
Full Auto 360 faceplate
Finny the Fish Plushy
Fatal Fury "Terry" ballcap
Pac-Man 25th Anniversary Shirt
Call of Duty 2 shirt
Devil May Cry 3 wallscroll
Makai Kingdom mini artbook (x2)
Gun playing cards
Blitz The League shirt
Darkwatch shirt
Juiced shirt
I Game Informer shirt (Use it as a car rag!)
Playstation 1 carry case (good for a laptop)

DQ Heroes Rocket Slime x2
Mega Man Battle Network 6
LoZ: Four Swords Adventures