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Thread: KVM switches, modern consoles

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    Default KVM switches, modern consoles

    Okay, apparently I'm doing something wrong. I want to hook up my 360, Dreamcast, and eventually PS2 via VGA. I bought one of these:

    The first didn't work. At least, that's what I thought. Seller sent me a second one. I have the same issue, which is that my TV picks up on the signal for a second, then it drops. I manage to get some video out of the 360, but it's nearly black and there are lines everywhere.

    It's not the cabling. I've added an AC adapter assuming the switch needed an extra power boost. There's an off chance the AC adapter doesn't work since I've never used it on anything else, but the result with or without it are the same.

    Am I missing something obvious here? Any other suggestions before I start looking elsewhere? After two of these, I have to assume it's something on my end. The instructions are in some of the worst Engrish imaginable. Something to the effect of:

    "Hook PC to switch install to KVM switch."

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