I've got quite a few DS games I'd like to trade and am I'm sure there are other people out there wanting to trade DS games. Please feel free to add your wants/haves to this thread. This way I figure that I can make some trades, see what others have, and grab more attention than with a single post. Please PM me if you want to trade. I'll update this post to reflect any trades I have in progress including delivery confirmation numbers.

I have over 200 all postives on ebay (id= sevast ). I have some positive feedback here too. I'll ship first class with delivery confirmation (or priority mail if I do a big trade!). I'd like to trade delivery confirmation numbers within 24 hours of trade completion. I'd prefer to trade a few games with one person to save on shipping.

Clubhouse games (CIB NEAR MINT)
Castlevania (Dawn of Sorrow) (CIB NEAR MINT)
Castlevania (Portrait of Ruin) (CIB NEAR MINT)
Hotel Dusk Room 215 (CIB NEAR MINT)
Zoo keeper (CIB NEAR MINT)
Lost in Blue (CIB NEAR MINT)
Sonic Rush (CIB NEAR MINT)
Mario and Luigi Partners in Time (CIB Very Good condition)
Super Mario 64 DS (CIB Good to Verry good condition--box a little scuffed up)

New Super Mario Brothers
Lost in Blue 2
Puzzle Quest
Final Fantasy 3
Elite Beats Agents
open to any other trade suggestions.