for sale Gold System AES(US one) with box(good condition, display box sticker!), system comes with all necessary cables, power supply, two arcade sticks(old style, the big ones, one of the arcade sticks has sometimes troubles with responding, probably easy fix(loose connector)), system in excellent condition(serial number is very low, - 020082).
pure system, not modded ^_~

comes with these games:

1.Samurai Spirits 2 JPN complete (excellent condition)
2.Samurai Spirits 5 (Zero) JPN complete (excellent condition)
3.Sengoku US complete (good condition)
4.Fatal Fury 2 JPN complete (good condition)
5.Fatal Fury Special JPN complete (good condition)
6.Art of Fighting 2 JPN complete (very good condition)

no memory card included(sold it).

asking for everything $480 + shipping in states.
trades accepted(AES Games, MVS Games, DS Games(Diddy Kong Racing, Kirby Squeak Squad), DC Shooters)).

any questions, - ask right away.