Heres my list:

My main wants right now:
- VB system and games (I have the core console and controller but I need a battery pack, shade, and stand. I might as well just trade for a whole new one. Complete in box would be super nice, but as long as it works )
- A Sega Mega Drive game or two (Want to test out a Honeybee converter I picked up)
- Commodore 64 DISK games (Copies are fine, I just want to play)
- Gamecube Component Cables
- Action 52 (NES) - Boxed preferred too but whatever.
- Commodore 1702/1802 Monitor
- Daigasso Tsuika Kyoku (DS)

I can add paypal if you can't work out an even trade. I dunno, I want a lot of stuff, especially cheap stuff PM me, post here, email me, shoot me an offer at GameTZ, whatever.