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Thread: Looking for a gold NWC owner.....

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    Default Looking for a gold NWC owner.....

    I know this is such a redundant question but my search on the forums seemed to fail me a list of owners. I'm simply looking for someone that owns a gold NWC that is willing to sell. Does anyone know of an owner besides Udisi (whom I've already contacted) that is willing to sell their cart? I am looking for an extremely mint cart if possible even though when it comes to these, I guess you really can't be TOO picky. But I'm not dishing out 6 or 7k for one in bad condition especially since the the last one on ebay sold for only 5.4k.

    I'm willing to negiotiate price, do a trade with some $$$, or whatever it takes! Please, let me know!!!

    Also, if this needs to be in the buy and sell forum, feel free to move it
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