Volunteers Wanted - Contribute to Digital Press!
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What good is a site without content?

Digital Press prides itself on its content. After all, we could have the best technology in the world, but what does it matter if there is nothing good to fill it? That's where our innumerable volunteers over the year have made all the difference and turned Digital Press into what it was, is, and will be.

So we'd like for you - yes, the great volunteers of the world - to help us in making our Web site even better. As long as you have good retro-gaming content, we'd like to have it!

Here's what we need help with right now:

  1. Site graphics
  2. Scans of games' instruction manuals + extra materials
  3. Scans of old books about gaming from catalogs to novels
  4. Screenshots of games (watermark-free)
  5. Details of game releases for the Online Rarity Guide
  6. Articles newly written for the DP site
  7. Interviews written for and conducted on behalf of DP
  8. Technical knowledge and simple how-tos on the repair and maintenance of gaming hardware
  9. Site section editors/maintainers
  10. Online Rarity Guide section editors
  11. Forum mods
  12. Review writers
  13. ...and anything else which would follow the pattern of what we already host here.

To Volunteer:

Fill out the contact form at the forum and select "Volunteer Submission" to volunteer. One of us will contact you within a few days to discuss what you'd like to do for the site or content which you'd like to add to the site.

And, from the bottom of our ♥ digital hearts ♥, thank you for all the submissions we do accept! ☻


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