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Thread: Free Dreamcast at EB

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    Default Free Dreamcast at EB

    When I was at EB today they had signs all over the place saying that they would give you a free Dreamcast if you purchased any 4 preowned games ($12.99 or higher) and any 2 accessories. I don't know if this was just a local deal (Cerritos, CA mall) or not. They seemed to have some decent DC games to go with it too.


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    Default Re: EB Sale

    I was there last night, and it was a pretty kick ass sale. It's going on here in MI too.

    To add to that sale:
    Purchasing any 6 games over $12.99 will net you the Dreamcast.

    But they have another sale along with that too. ( You don't get the DC though)

    10% off any 2 Used Games Purchased
    15% off any 3 Used Games Purchased
    20% off any 4 Used Games Purchased
    25% off any 5-10 Used Games Purchased

    (no duplicates though)

    But why start a new topic, when I can just post the extra deals on this one. It was sweet how many games I walked away with for $70

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    its going on over here in san bernandino, ca too!
    but they didnt have that many games left.

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