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Thread: Early Version of Fix-It-Felix Jr. Finally Leaked

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    Default Early Version of Fix-It-Felix Jr. Finally Leaked

    Thought I'd share this here, unless this is that grey area but I doubt it as this is unreleased. Link at the bottom here.

    Information and discussion at KLOV here.

    C - Credit
    1 - Start 1P
    2 - Start 2P
    Shift / X - Fix
    Space / Z - Jump
    Arrows - Movement

    Command line for full screen and rotation for the MAME cab junkies - "FixitFelixJr.exe -rotate=90 -fullscreen" (courtesy srarcade80 on KLOV)

    This is the real deal, an early build of the FiF game that was running on the Disney built display cabinets.
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