Retrogaming Roundtable FAQ

Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around.

Don't ask for ROMs, ISOs, or pirated games in general

Out of respect to retrogaming stores, game developers, and growing legal concerns, discussion about the obtaining of illegal ROMs is prohibited. Illegal ROMs are defined as any ROM, regardless of age, that has been copyrighted in the past 100 years. Threads discussing the location or acquiring of ROMs and/or illegal (pirated) software will be locked per the discretion of a forum moderator or administrator. To avoid legal issues, "gray area" threads dealing with emulation may also be locked. As companies continue to release retro games through virtual releases or retro gaming packs for modern gaming systems, the threat of getting a cease-and-desist order grows. In order to preserve the gaming community we've all worked so hard to build, we ask that you respect Digital Press and refrain from the discussion of illegal ROMs.

Introduce Yourself!

The Retro Roundtable is a community and welcomes new members, so we'd like to know who you are and what you're into. Introduce yourself in the classic gaming forum, in the stickied topic at the top. There are some suggestions at the top of the thread as well.

Read your post before pressing submit

Conversations get de-railed when someone repeats something that's already been stated earlier, as this seems to be 'contagious', causing threads to take a few steps backwards before they move ahead (some call this 'hi-jacking a thread'). Adding 'me too' or 'LOL' responses are really unneccessary as well. Read your own post before you submit it, and ask yourself the question 'Am I actually contributing to the conversation in a valuable way?' If the answer is no, there's really no need to submit it.

Avatars and Signatures

Please consider the bandwidth you use every time you post. Follow these guidelines: a) No more than five lines of normal sized characters or spaces total. b) One small (480x80) banner graphic in addition to the five lines of characters or spaces is allowed. c) What you see here is considered 'normal sized characters'.

Use the SEARCH feature

If you're wondering if anyone has ever talked about a particular subject, this is your best friend. Note that the search engine doesn't work so great if you've got three-letter words to search for. If that's the case, try this:

Let's say you want to find the top 20 nes games. That's gonna be a problem using the forum search, isn't it? So INSTEAD, go to google and type this: top 20 nes

The key in google is the used of the command. What you type after that are your actual search keys. Try it! Alternatively, you can drop the /forum part and search the whole site.

Peruse the Timeless Classics forum

Note that there is a forum ('Classic Discussions') designed specifically for keeping timeless conversations alive forever. It's a good idea to browse through these; you'll find that even the oldest ones still apply today and they're fairly general topics. It's a good place to 'get your feet wet'!

Check before posting 'Best Games for System'

Before posting a 'Top Ten Whatever' list, please check the Classic Discussions forum, as it probably has been touched upon in the past. Build upon that old thread, as the new one *will* get locked down and referred back to the original topic.

P!_34z3 r3Fr41n fr0m h4><0r sp33ch

Nothing will draw more ire than typing like a punk. Whenever possible, please be use of corect grammer and speling, NO ALL CAP MESSAGES AS WE CONSIDER THIS SHOUTING and an occasional period or comma or something nothing is harder to read than runon sentances youd be surprised how many messages are posted this way as you can see its hard to tell where a sentence ends alright.

Don't be a HATER

Being a cheerleader for your favorite game or system is encouraged. Being a system-basher is not. Respect the fact that everyone has their favorites and back off when they're enjoying theirs. Accept the fact that this is a video game forum that crosses platforms and eras so you're not going to agree with everyone's passion. No need to stomp it out just because you disagree. Constructive input is ALWAYS welcome here but show yourself to be a " system basher" or "anti-fanboy" and you won't be long for *this* world.

Avoid cross-posting

Do not post an identical message/thread in every forum just so you've covered all of the bases, hoping someone will read it. You'll only anger the forum moderator... and you wouldn't like them when they're angry.

Avoid and ignore 'flaming'

Every forum has good guys and bad guys. Don't let one or two flames stop you. Bad guys are usually beaten down pretty quickly anyway =) The hardest part about entering a new forum is figuring out who knows what they're talking about and who the +1 me-too posters are. Take the high road and you will be respected for it.

Use our resources

The Digital Press site is pretty extensive! Looking for that Mario Twins video? Check the video section! Can't find that Odyssey2 emulator? Check the emulators section! Looking for a good FAQ on your favorite obscure system? Check the archives! Can't find what you're looking for? Ask a question. NOTE: Same goes for the forum. Trying to fix your SNES power supply? Check The Restoration Society! Think you've got a prototype? Check Prototype Central! You get the idea.

Farewell, Cruel World! Otherwise Known as Goodbye Posts

Parting can be such sweet sorrow that some people come back to do it over and over again. Maybe they want the reassurance that they're being missed; maybe they're trying to get people to convince them not to leave. Or just maybe they're being genuine about leaving, but can't resist the temptation of looking to see who said what when they were gone. Basically, all of this boils down to a lot of unnecessary drama for board members and headaches for moderators. To keep things sailing smoothly, we assist all those who announce their intentions of leaving PUBLICLY (i.e. in a post on the forums) with their departure by banning their user names after said announcement. So if you're planning on posting a goodbye message here please consider this point as it will indeed be your last.

When or why are topics "stickied"

Topics referred to as "sticky" are those that are pinned to the top if a forum's topic list. For example, the "Introduce Yourself" thread is stickied at the top of the Classic Gaming forum. Stickies are for threads that are time sensitive (contests, fantasy leagues, even birthdays) or need to be seen by new members (introductions, forum rules). For regular members, stickies just clog up the front page, so we do try to limit the use of this option.

Ask for help

If you're courteous, there's no question too big or small for the community here. This group likes to lend its expertise and opinion, and questions are what make conversations happen. If you're not sure about something you're about to ask or post, PM a moderator.

We Pay the Bills with Affiliate Programs and Advertisements

The Retrogaming Roundtable and indeed all of the Digital Press online resources are brought to you without charge. The way we can keep the lights on and the Web sites hosted without requiring payment is by having a bit of advertising and some affiliate programs. The ads and affiliate programs use JavaScript to run in your Web browser. These scripts perform tasks like showing the ads or changing external links into affiliate links. This way we can get a few pennies for each ad click and whenever someone buys something using "affiliate-ized" links to places like Amazon and eBay.

If you do not wish to contribute in this way, there are several things from which you can choose to stop them. Any one will stop the affiliate links and advertisements from running. You can use one of the Mobile Styles for the Retrogaming Roundtable instead of the default Digital Press Red or vBulletin style; you can disable JavaScript in your Web browser which will stop all scripts; you can use a browser-based ad-blocker to deny the programs' domain names; you can use an add-on like NoScript or NotScript or ScriptNo to deny JavaScript specifically from these domains; or you can add an entry to your computer's host file to point these domains somewhere else instead.

For more information about these advertising and affiliate programs, please see the Google Ads, Skimlinks, and VigLinks Web sites.

Who are the Mods?

This is the full list of current moderators, super moderators, and administrators. You can also find this list by going to any page from the forum, then looking at the navigational bar at the top of the page, selecting Quick Links, and then selecting View Site Leaders.

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