Fave item in DC collection

  1. Lerxstnj
    At one time I thought I'd never find the maraca set. They were getting tough to find complete and at a decent price. Then one day a friend of mine, who doesn't have a DC anymore, just game them to me! No box, but got the Samba De Amigo game, mat, sensor, and maracas! One of the first motion sensor games! Cool!
  2. SegaGT
    Favorite item? Wow thats tough! That changes every month. Right now it is probably a special "Project Katana" team member shirt in my collection. It is from back when they were up against the US developed Project Dural (3DFX powered) team.
  3. Nz17
    Difficult to say for sure. However one of my more intriguing Dreamcast items is an Arsenal Australia Dreamcast jersey which is definitely something you don't often see outside of Australia.
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