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  1. QuickSciFi
    SpaceFlea, you're at the top of my list already. I know you completed yours, so let's see some pics. . The same goes for ya'll.
  2. SpaceFlea
    Okay, I'll post the DC collection when I get home on Sunday.
  3. QuickSciFi
  4. SpaceFlea
    Here is the complete US set w/ variants. I'm only missing a couple minor variants of which I am aware (Unreal Tournament - Black Disc Re-release & NFL2K "Sega All-Stars" - Round NFL License):
  5. SpaceFlea
    I will post my JP and EU stuff too as soon as I get a chance. And the hardware as well.
  6. Lerxstnj
  7. PapaStu
    Spaceflea is missing Hot!New! variants too . There are sticker and printed bursts for the games (save MK Gold), and Speed Devils had a 'clean' cover. Some additional Web Browser versions also.

    Here's my retail complete DC collection (save the Speed Devils variant and the handful of demos and a few Official Dreamcast Magazine discs)

  8. SpaceFlea
    Are you saying that there are two versions of each of the Hot! New! games (one with a sticker and one with a print), but MK only has the sticker?

    And do explain the Speed Devils "clean cover" variant... This is news to me.

    I didn't care for the browsers since they aren't games but, since you mentioned others, I'm interested. Hell, I probably have them sitting around somewhere.

    I was actually sad that I didn't really have any reason to buy US DC games anymore; so this actually makes me kind of happy to get to scour the DC stuff a bit more vigorously again.
  9. SpaceFlea
    If we want to get really picky on the variants we could also add all of the games that came with an additional French manual. I don't know what all games had them (could be all - perhaps you have an idea), but I have 5 or 6 games that have the standard English manual in the case and a separate French manual that was factory sealed against the back of the case. The ones I have are all later releases so maybe they started to add the additional manual near the end of the console's life. I know I purchased two of them new from a store in Kansas, so it's not just a Canada thing. What thoughts do you have on those.
  10. PapaStu
    There are indeed Hot!New! games that have a sticker and the burst printed onto the manual. MK Gold only got the sticker as far as I've ever seen. I've had a few people tell me their copies were printed, but they never were in the end. That would have involved a new 'foil' cover and it wasn't probably worth the cost for them to do.

    The French manuals shrink wrapped are purely a Canada thing. They just made it down to the states via distributors. Those arn't retail variants. Not even necessarily done by Sega, but by various distributors. I wouldn't think about counting those.

    In regards to Speed Devils
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