1. punkoffgirl
    I'm kinda just playing around with the whole "social group" thing here on DP more than anything! I think you can invite other girls, wanna give it a try someone?
  2. Eternal Tune
    Eternal Tune
    So what am I supposed to do now? Kiss you? I'd do that anyways.

    kiss kiss
  3. Zoe F
    Zoe F
    Can I get involved in this kissing? I'm ever so alone.
  4. Queen Of The Felines
    Queen Of The Felines
    Oh hell, I thought this was going to be about double penetration.
  5. punkoffgirl
    I wish this would send notifications when people posted!
  6. Zoe F
    Zoe F
    I wish this would notify you that I still need kisses! *whines*
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