1. Rolf&Nei
    Which have you more often been disappointed by, the classic you finally got around to playing, or the rarity it took you so long to track down? Examples please. No need to be strict with the 'rarity' classification.

    My answer: the classic, by far. I'm a latecomer to SNES rpgs and have found nearly all very poor, with the Final Fantasies in particular feeling of 8-bit quality except where it really matters, gameplay. Phantasy Star IV could be added as well, though due to the original price I regarded it as a rarity until discovering its popularity via the internet. Not that there aren't exceptions, such as Snatcher.

    For all the rarity misses there've been some resounding successes; those on MD include El Viento, Blue Almanac, and Surging Aura; on NES Warbooks (Senki) of Radia and, if it qualifies, Dragon Spirit--I believe that was mostly known to TGFX fans.

    Thanks for reading and posting.
  2. QuickSciFi
    I can see why Rare games that are simply there to fill-up your collection won't be as disappointing, because you'll know in most cases they're sub-par and won't have much expectations for them.

    Classics that you've wanted since they were announced and just got around to purchasing can be a bit disillusioning. The only one that's done this to me has been Traysia. It's the only game I can literally see the bugs in. Heck, I can feel them. I still came around to loving it, though. But I had to take the good with the bad and swallow it all in.
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