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Thread: FS Rare Nintendo DEMO/MultiMarioCart. HORI N64 CONTROLLER w/GAMECUBE STICK Japan Only

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    Default FS Rare Nintendo DEMO/MultiMarioCart. HORI N64 CONTROLLER w/GAMECUBE STICK Japan Only

    Games & Items listed are for sale to everyone, prices are suggested,
    I always offer freebies and I mark down prices the more items you buy!
    *4-25 Special update* Everything that was $20 and up is now $5 less.


    $50 HORI N64 Controller (NIB) Red - Out of print, not sold on ebay, Japan only
    $50 HORI N64 Controller (NIB) Snow - Winter 2000 Limited Edition, Rare as ****!

    $5 Double Dragon III - NES
    $7 Super Punch-Out - SNES

    $20 Japan Demo Disc Playable, FF:CC , Viewtiful Joe 1 - GAMECUBE (the pink NIB)
    $20 Japan Demo Disc Playable, Naruto 2 , Viewtiful Joe 2 - GAMECUBE (the gold NIB)

    $20 Mickey's Speedway not for resale - GBC
    $35 Super Mario Advance 4 not for resale - GBA
    $15 F-Zero Maximum Velocity not for resale - GBA

    $15 G-BAG GameCube Bag (Is about new! I just took it out and expanded it otherwise never used)
    $30 Super Mario Bros 2 , Super Mario Bros 3 (together on one cart) FAMICOM - in Mario Storage Case

    *Special* $35 Final Fantasy 6 book (Novel 2) 175p Summer 1999
    *Special* $15 "ROBO" from Chronotrigger (Square / Bandai) 1995

    Standard N64 and GameCube controllers are shown for size comparison and are not in stock,
    Similarly the black Hori N64 pad is special order only, other colors subject to availability, PM.
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