College years can be the best and worst times of peoples lives. With college comes independence, freedom, and having parties. As an added bonus, being broke, poor, and starved comes with college as well. About ten years ago, I was just wrapping up my AA degree and playing my playstation more then ever. I had no idea that my life was going to change with a mere 50 bucks. During my early thrift runs, I had made some great scores, but nothing to brag about now. After all at the time, I thought I was the only one that was collecting old games. I found out that my good friend was going to Southern California for some video games. I gave him some money in case he found something. He returned with a box of "ol atari junk". Upon looking, my friend had scored me a box of atari 7800 games and a boxed system...a find that still hold well for today. At the time, I had never played an Atari 7800. All I knew was that it was the system that most everyone passed on when the Nintendo was out. The only other system I owned was a sega genesis/32X/SCD and a playstation. I began to pop in the games that I scored. First I played Food Fight, next Ms. Pac Man, then Xevious. After triying a couple more, I popped in Robotron. I could not believe how well the game played on the system. I was blown away that a game could be so addicting and yet so fun. Hours passed, and my hands started to get the "7800 cramp" I invited my friends over, and we started having tournaments on the system. Robotron was definately the favorite. Finally, at the end of the beer, 80's trivia, and a crapload of Mt. Dew, we discovered that Robotron could be controlled with both controllers. This is when the real party began. Late into the night me and my friend played countless game of co-op controlling the guy and the other controlling the firing. Needless to say my hand hurt like a mother the next day. That night was monumental for me and retrogaming. I discovered a new found love for Atari, and discovered that a overlooked gaming system can still be one hell of a party.