Okay, I have a huge FS lot up for the forums first before it goes to the bay. The Atari Jaguar is going to be sold in a lot first(no parting out), as I would love for this to go to a good home. Here is what I have for sale. PM me with offers. I accept paypal and money orders. Shipping fees are not included but will only be what it costs me to send wherever you live....

$300 plus shipping for all this...
Atari Jaguar system with AV cable(hard to get) and one controller
Atari Jaguar CD unit with box and no instructions
Blue Lightning in paper case with inst(CD)
Vid Grid in paper case with instructions(CD)
Tempest Soundtrack(sealed)
Myst Demo in paper sleve(CD)
Highlander in paper case with inst(CD)
Hover Strike in paper case with inst(CD)
Pitfall cart
Kasumi Ninja cart with instructions
Alien VS Predator cart
Raiden cart
Doom cart
Iron soldier cart
Evolution Dino Dudes cart
Cybermorph cart with instructions
Checkered Flag cart with instructions
....again that is Atari Jaguar with CD unit, AV cable, 7 CDs and 9 carts for 300 plus shipping. If you are gonna take the plunge with the Jag, this is a fair deal.

I also have a working Commodore 1581 drive(3.5 drive) with power supply and disk/utl. These are quite rare. I would do $100 plus shipping

I also have a working Commodore 1571 drive with power supply for $25 plus shipping.

I also have a Famicom multicart with 84 in 1 different games. PJ-008 on label of black cart. Works on any Famiclone. Tested on the NEX. I am asking $25 shipped in the US.

I also have Starcraft 64 cart that is an ex rental. Pretty hard to come by these days. I am asking for $23 shipped in the US

PM me with offers, I am sure this stuff will go pretty fast. Jag stuff is getting hard to find, espically some of the stuff I have.