I've decided that I want to grab some titles on the FM Towns Marty, but I have a dilemma....

I want to avoid getting the computer altogether. Problem is, I hear certain games do not work on the Marty. Anyone know exactly what ones do NOT work on the Marty?

Also, the game I want ti play most on the Marty I heard only works on the Towns. Super Street FIghter II. I heard there is a possibility this may work on the Marty if I have something vaguely referred to as an "IC" attachment. I have no idea what this is, but I do want to avoid the Towns in general.

Another issue I have, I know some of the games give you options to play in English, and some do not. Anyone in here know which ones? These are the games I am interested in (obtaining) so far, anyone have any others in mind that are good that are also playable on a Marty in English?

Operation Wolf
Wing Commander
Raiden Densetsu
Puyo Puyo
Truxton 2 MARTY
Scavenger 4 MARTY
Psychnosis Microcosm MARTY
Zak McKracken
Ultima VI
Ultima Underworld
LOTR Fellowship
LOTR Two Towers
Take the Train III series
Super Street Fighter II + 6 button pad
Bubble Bobble
Genocide 2
Indiana Jones Last Crusade
Marble Madness
Rainbow Islands
The Atlas
Turbo Outrun
Death Blade
Galaxy Force II
Alone in the Dark
The Manhole
Murder Club DX
Shadow of the Beast
Image Fight
New Zealand Story
Final Blow