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Thread: storing controllers

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    Default storing controllers

    any ideas? I'm sure we all have a box full of controllers from Atari to modern. I would like to figure out a good system for maybe hanging them or something just would like to be able to get to them with out digging through the box. The same thing goes for spare av cords, switch boxes, power cords and such. If anyone else is having similar storage problems feel free to post them here as well I would like to read some new ideas. Also there is a page either on here (digital press) or Atari age that goes into a good amount of detail on storing carts, manuals, overlays and the like.

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    Moved to Classic Gaming.


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    I bought some really big ziploc freezer bags (about 12" square - not all grocery stores carry them so you may have to look around). I then sorted out all of my controllers and extensions by platform and stuffed them into separate bags - I didn't bother labeling them since it is pretty easy to spot the type you need by looking in the bag - but it would be easy enough to do that if you wanted. I also bought a box of rubber bands and got the cables in each bag to stay untangled.
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