Sorry, if I didn't post this in the right section. I just had to tell you guys about my experience this past Saturday.

Last week a friend of mine who's aware of my little gameholic addiction, told me about a small flea market in south Dallas (Da Hood) that he had went to a couple of years ago. It was a very scary place to take a trip too, but well worth the 38 mile drive. My buddy also mention that most sellers down there didn't really care for the game stuff, so the stuff just sits there for months and in most cases even years, that's one of the main reasons I took off. When I got there I was surprised at the game inventory they had there, very impressive! Most of the games they had for sale I pretty much own, so I didn't care for those as much. After walking for about 15 minutes, I spoted a few spots with some great games.

1.Parasite eve complete $3. I have 3 copies now. I couldn't resist the price.
2.Xenogears sealed $15.
3.earthworm jim 3d. $3
4.zelda majora's mask $5
5.Lunar 2 complete with all the art books and CD's $15. I have 3 sets now. Again, I couldn't resist the price.
6.Banjo Kazooie $3
7.Super Mario world $7
8.Kirby's dream land $6. The guy wouldn't take $5 for it.
9.Castlevania adventure & final fantasy for game boy $5 for both
10.NFL 2001 sealed. $1
11.Genesis 2 complete. Almost mint, it seems they never really used it. The Genesis & controllers are free of ware. Instructions & warranty are still in the bag sealed. $10! It still has the KB toys sticker price at $59.99... If the box wasn't as worn out from being out at a flea market, this would of been a definitely a Gem!