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Thread: Complete PAL Turbografx + Complete peripheral pack.

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    Default Complete PAL Turbografx + Complete peripheral pack.

    Im selling/Trading this away.

    As new:

    Will sell for a good € offer. But prefer to trade. Expect shipping for this to be roughly 40€ (World), 30€ (EU) or 25€ (Europe but not EU). Shipped by air, insured and trackable, no SAL or surface option available im afraid.

    My want list, pnly looking for complete items in very good condition. Thank you!


    EU Titles:

    Buggy Run
    Smurfs Travel the World, The


    Addams Family (Need better manual)
    Alex Kidd Miracle World (Need horizontal EU Manual)
    Card - Great Soccer (Need EU English cover and manual)
    Great Baseball (Need Better EU Manual)
    James Buster Douglas Knockout Boxing (Need Manual & better cover) (NTSC)
    Masters of Combat (Need better Manual)
    Robocop 3 (Need better cover)
    Terminator 2 Judgement Day (Need Manual)
    Ultima (Need map + Books in English)

    Ariel - The Little Mermaid
    Baku Baku
    Bonkers Wax Up!
    Castelo Ra-Tim-Bum
    Chapolim x Dracula - Um Duelo Assustador
    Daze Before Christmas
    Dynamite Headdy
    Ecco - The Tides of Time
    Earthworm Jim
    Ferias Frustradas do Pica Pau
    FIFA International Soccer
    Fire & Ice
    Game Box Serie Corridas
    Game Box Serie Esportes
    Game Box Serie Lutas
    Legend of Illusion - Starring Mickey Mouse
    Mickey's Ultimate Challenge
    Monica no Castelo do Dragao
    Mortal Kombat 3
    Quest for the Shaven Yak Starring Ren HoŽk & Stimpy
    Sapo Xule O Mestre do Kung Fu
    Sapo Xule S.O.S. Lagoa Poluida
    Sapo Xule vs Os Invasores do Brejo
    Sonic Blast
    TV Colosso (As Aventuras da)
    X-Men - Mojo World

    SMS HK:

    Asterix & the secret Mission
    Batman Returns
    Desert Speedtrap
    Master of Darkness
    RoboCop versus The Terminator
    Super Monaco GP II
    Wonder Boy in Monster World

    Incredible Hulk, The
    James Pond II - Codename: Robocod
    Road Rash
    Star Wars
    Winter Olympics


    US Titles:

    Aerobiz Supersonic
    Battle Master
    Beast Wrestler
    Dinosaurs for Hire
    Double Dragon Original
    Earth Defense
    El Viento
    Gadget Twins
    Joe & Mac
    King of Monsters 2
    Mutant Chronicles: Doomtroopers
    Power Instinct
    Scooby-Doo Mystery
    Sorcerer's Kingdom
    Splatterhouse 3
    Syd of Valis
    Trampoline Terror
    Uncharted Waters

    JAP titles.

    Battle Mania (Trouble Shooter)
    Battle Mania Dai Gin Jo
    Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
    Cutey Suzuki's Ringside Angel
    Dahna Megami Tanjyo
    Dangerous Seed
    Divine Sealing
    Kuuga: Operation Code (Vapor Trail)
    Master of Weapons
    Maou Renjishi (Mystical Fighter)
    Musha Aleste : Full Metal Fighter Ellinor (M.U.S.H.A)
    Newzealand Story, The
    Panorama Cotton
    Rainbow Islands
    Slap Fight
    Snow Bros.
    Super Airwolf (Crossfire)
    Twinkle Tale
    Undead Line
    Uchuu Senkan Gomora (Bio-Ship Paladin)
    V V (Grind Stormer)
    Wani Wani World
    World Heroes
    Yu Yu Hakusho: Makyo Toitsusen

    EU Titles:

    Adams Family
    Aero The Acro-Bat
    Battle Squadron
    Battle Toads
    Bram Stoker's Dracula
    Bubble and Squeak
    Bubsy in: Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind
    Bugs Bunny: Double Trouble
    Cannon Fodder
    Cyborg Justice
    Death and Return of Superman, The
    Demolition Man
    Dragon Bruce Lee story
    Dynamite Duke
    Exo Squad
    Justice League Task Force
    Flying Shark
    Gauntlet IV
    Ghost Busters
    King's Bounty : The Conqueror's Quest
    Lethal Enforcers
    Lethal Enforcers II: Gun Fighters
    Lost World, The: Jurassic Park
    Man Overboard!
    Mega Games 6 Vol. 3
    Mega Man : The Wily Wars
    Mega SWIV
    Might and Magic : Gates to Another World
    Mortal Kombat
    Mortal Kombat 3
    MTV's Beavis & Butthead
    Normy's Beach Babe-O-Rama
    Paperboy 2
    Pink Goes to Hollywood
    Pirates of Dark Water
    Power Monger
    Predator 2
    Punisher, The
    Ren & Stimpy Show Presents : The Stimpy's Invention
    Rock n' Roll Racing
    Samurai Showdown
    Skeleton Krew
    Saturday Night Slam Masters
    Shadow Dancer
    Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master
    Spider-Man: Separation Anxiety
    Street Fighter II: Special Champion Edition
    Streets of Rage 3
    Strider 2
    Super Baseball 2020
    Super Skidmarks
    Super Street Fighter II : The New Challengers
    Sword of Sodan
    Virtual Bart
    VR Troopers
    X-Men 2 : Clone Wars


    Double Dragon
    Super Off Road
    Warp Speed
    Winter Challenge

    Xbox (PAL):

    Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy
    Stubbs the Zombie
    JSRF (Not bundle)
    Thief 3
    Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc
    Silent Hill 2
    Grabbed by the Ghoulies
    Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy
    Outrun 2006 Coast to Coast

    DC (JAP):

    Chaos Field
    Power Stone 2
    Rainbow Cotton
    Trigger Heart Execlica
    Twinkle Star Sprites

    Saturn (JAP):

    Arcade Gears: 3 Wonders
    Arcade Gears: Gun Frontier
    Arcade Gears: Image Fight and X-Multiply
    Battle Garegga
    Dungeons & Dragons Collection Ram Pack
    Game Paradise
    Fatal Fury Real Bout Special Ram Pack
    Guardian Force
    Hyper Duel
    Kingdom Grand Prix
    Kyukyoku Tiger II PLUS
    Layer Section 2
    Macross: Do You Remember Love?
    Metal Slug Ram Pack
    Radiant Silvergun
    Salamander Deluxe Pack
    Samurai Showdown 4 Ram Pack
    Street Fighter Zero 3 Ram Pack
    Striker 1945 II
    Twinkle Star Sprites
    Thunder Force V
    Vampire Saviour Ram Pack


    Jap PC-Engine with CD and systemcards. Pref boxed, and pref a Duo.
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