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Thread: old floppy disks

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    Default old floppy disks

    while i was looking under my dads computer for some papers i found a goldmine of old windows floppy disk games and i wonder if there worth any money.
    i have: arcade that has asteroids,centipede,tempest,battlezone,and missle command
    2. Jumping Bean Jamboree-it was made by taco bell long ago, your a bean on a trampoline jumping up trying to hit taco bell products
    3. Mickey's 123's the big surprise party disks 1-2: teaches kids to count
    4. Jeopardy Deluxe Edition disks 1-2
    5. Putt Putt joins the parade disks 1-5
    6. IndyCar racing
    7. Resume Master Deluxe- create your own resume!!!
    8. 3d virtual Reality roomplanner- plan a room!!!
    9. PowerHits for Kids disks 1-4: bunch of little kid games to help them learn
    all the rest are burnt games and arnt really "legal"
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    Complete they might be worth a little bit of money. Disc only, they're worth about $.01 each.

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