I'm only going to post this once and not bump it; if it doesn't sell by day after tomorrow or so, I'll either sell it on eBay or just keep it.

I have a copy of the limited-to-1000-pieces Mana Khemia Scholarship edition for sale, which was originally only available from RosenQueen. What I'm selling is a factory sealed copy of Mana Khemia, plus the limited Jess figure, which is still in the box. The box has been opened (it was never sealed in the first place), but I've never actually taken the figure out of its packaging inside. It's in a clear plastic holder inside the box, so I took that out of the box to see what it looks like once, and then put it carefully back in. It's like new; I could probably tell you that I've never opened it and you would never know that I hadn't.

I'm asking $90 shipped for the set. I'll also entertain (though maybe not accept) offers on just the Jess figure, which is the only thing that makes this set limited edition.

PM me if you're interested.