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Thread: TG-16 with CD, RGB/region mod, PC-E Flashcart, cont ext, Arcade Card Pro

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    Default TG-16 with CD, RGB/region mod, PC-E Flashcart, cont ext, Arcade Card Pro

    I have for sale what is the ULTIMATE Turbo Grafx/TGCD system. Here's what is included:

    1. Turbo Grafx 16 USA/NTSC system that has been RGB modded (very rare) for the best possible video quality. It also has been region modded so you can play Japanese HU Cards on this system. It also includes the Turbo Grafx 16 CD-ROM attachment for playing CD games. Includes standard AV cables, AC adaptor, and controller.

    2. Custom made (not made by me) controller extension. There exist 6-ft extension cables, but this custom made controller extension cable is ever longer (I think 15 feet or more)

    3. Arcade Card Pro with jewel case and sleeve for playing CD, SuperCD, and Arcade Card CD games

    4. Neo Flash 128mb PC-E Flashcart. This allows you to load .pce ROMS onto the card and play them as if they were HU Card games. Includes original package, software CD, and you select games with on screen, easy to use menu. The software to load the ROMS onto this lets you choose if you are going to use it with a PC Engine or TG-16

    Here is a picture of the whole setup (what you see is what you will get, no more, no less):

    Here is a pic of the RGB connector (15-pin connector - you must supply your own RGB cable)

    Here is a pic of the region switch:

    Here is a pic of Dracula X: Rondo of Blood (this is NOT included) in RGB (despite the glare/reflection on the pic, it looks SWEET in person with an RGB monitor!):

    As you can see, this truly is an amazing setup for the true TG-16/Duo/PC Engine fan. Everything works great! I ship via USPS Priority with Delivery Confirmation within the continental USA only (sorry, no shipping to Canada, Mexico, or overseas). I accept payments via PayPal only. PRICE: $400 shipped, not a penny less!

    Will only offer this system for 3-4 days and then it goes to ebay
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