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Thread: Intellivision boxes, manuals and variants of each

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    Default Intellivision boxes, manuals and variants of each

    I'm gonna offload these things or better yet trade em for variant cart lables and overlays. Trouble is I've encountered maybe only 3 people who collect INTV....

    so is there any interest in these things? I have maybe 150 manuals, errata slips, etc and maybe 50 or so boxes left, some French/English and the like. i'll use to list the part numbers etc if there is

    some things I'm looking for:
    Royal Dealer loose (I'll trade my sealed copy)
    white label versions of common carts
    Learning Fun II cart

    to see pictures of differences and what not, go here:

    Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 3410-0920 G1
    Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Treasure of Tarmin 5300-0920 Black and White
    Armor Battle 1121-0920 (B) Hong Kong
    Armor Battle 3861-0920 Sears
    Astrosmash 3605-0920 Hong Kong
    Atlantis 700006-1A
    Atlantis 700006-1B
    Atlantis 700006-2A International
    Auto Racing 1113-0720
    Auto Racing 1113-0820-G2
    Auto Racing 1113-0820-G3
    B-17 Bomber 3384-0920
    B-17 Bomber 3384-0720 French / English
    Backgammon 1119-0920 (C )
    Beauty & the Beast 700007-1C
    Carnival 78092A
    Carnival 78092
    Carnival 2L1916 CBS Electronics (PAL)
    Checkers 1120-0720 French / English (blue)
    Checkers 1120-0920
    Defender CO24198-52 REV. A
    Donkey Kong 78269B
    Donkey Kong 78269E
    Donkey Kong Junior 91982
    Frogger N/A French / English
    Horse Racing 1123-0920-G1
    Horse Racing 3871-0920 Sears
    Ice Trek 710012-1A
    Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack 2611-0920-G2 Orange / Black
    Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack 3880-0920 Sears
    Las Vegas Roulette 1118-0720 French / English
    Lock 'N' Chase 5637-0920 Black / Orange
    Lock 'N' Chase 5637-0720 French / English
    Major League Baseball 2614-0920(C )
    Math Fun 2613-0920(D)
    Microsurgeon 700013-1A
    Mind Strike 4531-0920 (L001)
    NASL Soccer 1683-0720 French / English
    NASL Soccer 1683-0121 all German (blue)
    NASL Soccer 1863-0820-G1 Black & White
    NBA Basketball 2615-0720 French / English (orange)
    NBA Basketball 3865-0920 Sears
    NFL Football 2610-0920-G1 USA
    NFL Football 2610-0920(C )
    NFL Football 3858-0920 Sears
    NHL Hockey 1114-0920 (A)
    NHL Hockey 1114-0720 French / English
    NHL Hockey 3866-0920 Sears
    Night Stalker 5305-0920 Hong Kong
    Night Stalker 5305-0720 French / English
    Night Stalker 5401-0920 Sears
    PBA Bowling 3333-0920 USA
    PGA Golf 1816-0920 Hong Kong
    PGA Golf 1816-0920-G3
    Pinball 5356-0920-G1 Accordian Style, Black & White
    Q*bert N/A English
    Reversi 5304-0920 Accordian Style, Black & White
    Safecracker 700025-1A
    Sea Battle 3863-0920 Sears
    Sea Battle 1818-0920-G2 Hong Kong
    Snafu 3758-0920 USA
    Space Armada 3759-0920 USA
    Space Armada 3759-0920 Hong Kong
    Space Battle 2612-0920 (A)
    Space Battle 2612-0920
    Space Battle 2612-0720 French / English, oversized oddly enough
    Space Hawk 5136-0920 USA
    Star Strike 5161-0920 USA
    Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back N/A French, Black & White
    Sub Hunt 3408-0920-G1 Hong Kong
    Sub Hunt 3408-0920-G1 Black & White
    Super Pro Football 8400
    Triple Action 3760-0720 French /English
    Triple Action 3760-0920 Hong Kong, Blue & Brown
    Tron: Deadly Discs 5391-0920 Black & White
    US Ski Team Skiing 1817-0920 Hong Kong
    US Ski Team Skiing 1817-0920-G2 USA
    US Ski Team Skiing 3869-0920 Sears
    Utopia 5149-0920 Hong Kong
    World Cup Soccer N/A French / English, Black & White

    CBS cartridge registration card 2L 1887
    CBS Cartridge Warranty card 2L 1887
    CBS catalogue 2L1894
    Coleco catalogue N/A French / English
    Coleco catalogue N/A English
    Coleco registration card 78075A
    Coleco registration card 78075C
    Computer Modual Owner's Guide 4187-6002
    Computer Module 3-panel errata slip 4187-0170
    Computer Module registration card 4187-6014
    Connection to Cable-Ready slip N/A
    How to insert cartridges slip 2609-0900
    Imagic catalogue 700500-2 Rev. B
    Imagic catalogue 700500-1 Rev. D
    Intellivision 90 Day Warranty slip 0151-0011
    Intellivision catalogue 0007-3350A
    Intellivision catalogue 00073350-G1
    Intellivision catalogue 73350
    Intellivision catalogue 0007-3350G3
    Intellivision catalogue 0007-3350G2
    Jetson's Ways With Words errata slip 4543-0270
    Master Component manual 2609-0920(E)
    Master Component manual 2609-0720 French / English
    Music Synthesizer Instructions 4188-0920
    Music Synthesizer registration card 4188-0180
    NFL Football playbook 2610-0950 (C ) x2
    NFL Football playbook 3858-0950 Sears x2
    Parker Brothers catalogue N/A
    Parker Brothers catalogue International
    Parker Brothers information mailaway card N/A French / English
    Parker Brothers Video Games Club mailaway card N/A multilanguage
    Skiing errata slip 1817-0950 x2
    Step by Step to Home Computing mailaway slip 4187-6013
    Volume Control for Synth slip 4188-0820
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    I collect Intellivision games. It was my fathers but he gave me it with about 20 games.

    However, right now I am on a spending freeze.

    Good luck with finding what you want and selling what you dont.
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    Welcome to Macintosh.

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    Updated with detailed list and where to see pictures (not of mine). Box list to come soon.
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    I collect Intellivision stuff,but I'm looking mostly for CIB games. I'll take a look at what I have & wait till you put your box list up.

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