Real Bout 2 is in overall great to excellent condition, however there are a few minor flaws. The snaplock case has a couple marks on the outside of the case, not the insert itself. There are also slight tears/marks at the bottom of the case which I tried my best to show in the pictures below. There is also slight indenting at the bottom and top of the insert, caused by the case. Also, the snaplock part of the case has a bunch of scratches on it. The cart is in excellent shape, has the normal scratches from inserting the cart into the system. The manual has a slight mark at the edge of the front cover, and also has some creases on the back. Nothing major, but worth mentioning. Manual comes with baggie. Here are some pics. Sorry for the bad quality, but it's all I have to work with right now.

King of Fighters '98 is also in overall great/excellent condition. The insert suffers from the same indenting at the top and bottom caused from the case. There is a tear/mark at the bottom of the front of the case. There is a tear at the bottom of the spine of the case about a quarter inch long. There is also a small tear/mark right at the back of the bottom of the case, near the spine. The manual is in near mint condition and comes with the baggie. The art book is also in near mint condition and has some very very minor corner wear. The cart is in near mint condition with the regular insert scratches and a couple very small scratches at the bottom of the front of the cart. Here are some pics.

Please make cash offers on either or both carts. I accept paypal and money orders. I'm also interested in trading for the following items.

Baseball Stars 2 US
Last Blade 2 JPN

MVS Carts
KoF '95-'98
Real Bout 2
Garou Mark of the Wolves.

PM me if interested. Thanks.