Ok, so I have migrated to new hardware and still am sitting on three brand new DSLink units. These are slot 1 cards that take microSD (and microSDHC) memory. The compatibility is near 100% (probably is 100%, haven't had an issue with anything yet), and homebrew runs just great on these (with the DSLink DLDI). They are built rock solid. They look, feel, and insert/remove just the same way as official DS cards.

The only two drawbacks of these cards are that you need your DS flashme'd (with flashme 7) to use them, and you need to use patching software on the games on the PC side (very easy, select the game and output to memory card).

These are rather minor setbacks, but they are not really for the "newbie" so to speak. If you understand what I am talking about and want a *great* deal, I have three brand new in box DSLink units that I will part with for $35 total (ALL THREE!)...and this includes shipping in the USA. I spent over this much for EACH unit, so needless to say you are getting more than a great deal. I just have no use for them, and I would like to clear off the shelve in which they reside

Here's a GBATemp review of the card (although the review is kind of old and does not accurately reflect it's current compatibility status):


NOTE: That card reader does not come with the package. When I purchased these they removed the free card reader "gift"

PM if interested. Paypal is preferred.