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Thread: DVD Trade list and wants

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    Default DVD Trade list and wants

    Have (Some are used from Blockbuster or Gamestop. Ask if this is a problem
    Neon Genesis Evangelion Collection 0:1-0:7
    Godfather DVD Collection - Leather box, tape mark on back
    The Darwin Awards
    The Simpsons Christmas 2
    X3: The Last Stand
    24 Season 1
    A Mighty Wind
    Exit Wounds - Sealed
    Dragon Ball Z - The Tree of Might
    Attack Force
    You Kill Me
    Kingdom of Heaven
    Bad Boys
    Underworld Evolution

    Boston Legal Season 3
    Sega Ages - Space harrier 2 Complete Collection (PS2)
    Sega Ages Vol. 25: Gunstar Heroes: Treasure Box
    Bleach Uncut Season 1 Box Set
    Bleach Uncut Season 2 Box Set
    Ranma 1/2 Season Sets

    As for feedback, over 10 years on EBay and not a single negative feedback.

    And I'm not expecting 1 for 1 here, so make me any offer you deem fair.
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